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Welcome to the MD5 checking database. The goal of this project is to help identifying unknown files found on compromised systems. Well, one of the goals. It's although thought to help people finding out how much their system has changed till the first, clean install.
It's an ambitious project, so help is gladly welcomed.

A quick note concerning the discussions about the MD5 collisions: In effect to make this service more reliable we are migrating the database entries to SHA256 and Tiger. The original MD5 sums will stay, too. Because the database already had nearly a million entries when this became a topic, it was not possible to update all entries (especially because we do not have the sources to fingerprint them again). All new entries will be added with all three hashes. Older entries are included only with their MD5 hashes.

And another word: This is NOT a password cracking site. We collect hashes from files, not hashed passwords. Search for instead.

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Many thanks to all who supported this database so far. Number of entries:
          The MD5 database now holds 2218319 entries.
          The Tiger database now holds 1143472 entries.
          The SHA256 database now holds 1143472 entries.

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Algorithm Descriptions:
MD5: RFC 1321
Tiger: Tiger Homepage

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