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How to contribute

There a several way of contributing to this service. The easiest way for us to include new data is to get them in the format we process it:


In some cases the pathes to a file or its permissions are of minor to no value. Imagine some malware. On different system it will be found in different locations. Whereas when dealing with a freshly installed operating system these data is vital.

MD5 Clients

Several operating system come with md5 clients already installed. They are usually called md5 or md5sum. If you have no such client on your system, you may find one in the list below.


The following script was used on unix hosts to get the complete data from a freshly installed system. If you want to use it you may need to modify the paths.
    (This shellscript is now fixed regarding the issue with space separated file names.)
    (This perl script has no problems with space separated file names, but lack some nice features like giving the directory in the command line. So it is somewhat beta. And it only takes MD5 sums. It will be improved. Promissed.)
  • do-hash.cmd
    (A cmd script file for MSWindows to obtain the hashes according to our format; see the readme file for more information. Many thanks to Jörg Helmert for providing this script!)

MD5 Home

Algorithm Descriptions:
MD5: RFC 1321
Tiger: Tiger Homepage

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